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Duluth GA Locksmith

As a company who offers locksmith services, our mission is to achieve maximum satisfaction in each of our clients. Clients who choose us receive the best and fastest service and a fair price to resolve their problems with residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services.

We are a mobile locksmith business, that means: we go to you! You don’t need to drive to look for us, you only need to call us at (770) 773-0305 and we will be ready to go and resolve your locksmith problems. Our team is made up of the best technicians in the area and we also offer assistance in spanish.

ReaLocksmith works every day in Duluth area, call us right now at (770) 773-0305 to schedule an appointment in Duluth, GA.

  • We have high quality techs who are trained every year with latest technology.
  • We have many years of experience.
  • Material from the top partner in the market.
  • Lasted technology for best and most professional service.

Our Services

From a car lockout, vehicle high security key to commercial high security locks.

ReaLocksmith offers Residential locksmith services in Duluth, GA


We understand the importance of having our home safe, because “Home” should be the synonym of “safety” for everybody. A traditional lock and keys can help to keep our homes safe and also accessible for our family members, but times have changed and sometimes we need something more advanced for our homes. Our Residential locksmith services have the solution for that! We offer Smart locks with codes and digital fingerprint readers that can help you to enter your home with total security. If you need to give access to your home to employees or visitors, you can also choose different codes for that! Safe, easy and modern. 


Our technicians in ReaLocksmith are certified and experts in residential locksmith services, they will understand what kind of lock you need and the right grades of security locks for your home.


Our services also include the installation of surveillance cameras and sensors in your home and with our expertise we will place the cameras and sensor in the right spots to make your home completely secure. Call us at (770) 773-0305 to require our residential locksmith services in Duluth, GA and make your home the safest!


Commercial locksmith services in Duluth, GA


We know you and we know the importance of your business, that’s why we offer the best solutions for commercial locksmith services in Duluth area. Our technicians are trained to install the most advanced security locks to make sure your commerce is secure. We have the capacity to work in different types of commerce, like restaurants, corporations, hospitals, retail stores, warehouses, etc. 


We also are able to install the best security systems for your commerce, guaranteeing the safety of your business with very fair prices. Just call ReaLocksmith at (770) 773-0305 and we will tell you what is the best option for you in Commercial locksmith services.


Automotive locksmith services in Duluth, GA


We are proud to have the best technicians in automotive locksmith services, ready to provide solutions doesn’t matter what brand, model or year your car is.


Have you forgotten the keys inside your car? Your key broke? Your ignition won’t turn around? Don’t worry, we got you! The only thing you need to do is call us at (770) 773-0305 and one of our expert technicians will be in a short time next to you. Is not important how hard the automotive lock problem can look, we have the best tools and systems to make your car work. Our constantly trained team knows the last things about automotive locksmith services, don’t waste your time calling different companies, we have the right solution for you in Duluth, GA

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